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According to the Medical Group Management Association, the number of active doctors employed by hospitals across the country has increased by nearly 75 percent since 2000. This trend, which is expected to continue in the near future, makes it increasingly difficult for independent group practices and solo practitioners to remain autonomous in this competitive medical market.

As a medical specialist, mental health professional, or physical therapist, referrals are your lifeline. According to a 2013 survey from the Clinical Advisory Board Physician Survey, 66% of referrals are made based on physician preference. But how do you compete with the hospital networks?

For any referral-based private practice, the solution is to establish a physician liaison program. A knowledgeable physician liaison will expand your referral network by creating new relationships with non-referring primary care providers in your community. We will also nurture and enhance existing referral sources to ensure a steady stream of patients for years to come.

Benefits of a Physician Liaison Program

Establishing a physician liaison program can help offset any referrals lost to hospital systems by building and maintaining a network of strong referring relationships to drive patients to your practice.

Our physician liaison has over two decades of experience promoting independent physicians and private practices. As your practice representative, she will:

  • Become the voice of your practice in the medical community, serving as a personal contact for physicians, practice managers, and staff
  • Secure new referral sources by promoting your services, treatments, and providers to fulfill their needs
  • Enhance existing referrals by listening to their feedback and addressing any questions or concerns that may arise
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships by calling on your referring offices consistently to build trust and loyalty
  • Strengthen your reputation among peers and in the community
  • Keep your practice aware of any changes in your local market; for example, any referral sources that may be adding a physician or retiring, new services offered by a competitor
 HealthCore Services - Healthcare Consulting Firm - Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers and Employers

In the aforementioned Clinical Advisory Board Physician Survey, those 66 percent of physicians who said they refer based on personal preference also said they were "very unlikely" to change their current referral habits without a physician liaison calling on them. Why? Because providers refer to specialists they trust and have strong relationships with.

The value and importance of a physician liaison program cannot be overstated. Since most hospital networks utilize physician liaisons, it stands to reason that implementing a physician liaison program in your practice will help you effectively compete with them. If you haven’t yet considered it, now is the time.

Want to know more? Call HealthCore at (405) 551-0624 to learn how our physician liaison program can be an affordable option that pays for itself in new business.