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Workplace Wellness

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Due to rising insurance premiums and the increasing cost of care for self-insured employers, outcomes-based workplace wellness programs are growing in popularity. More companies are offering their employees financial incentives for participating in wellness programs or achieving certain outcomes.

If you are looking to start, revise, or augment your workplace wellness programs, HealthCore Services can help. We partner with local primary care physicians, mental health professionals, and health coaches to provide long-term, convenient, ongoing wellness services focused on improving employee health.

HealthCore works with all types of fully insured or self-insured organizations:

  • Employers of all sizes (15 - 10,000 employees) in multiple states
  • K-12 school districts and higher education institutions
  • Public sector employers such as local and state governments, police and fire departments, military

Our physician liaison works with you to identify your needs and arrange for those services to be provided, including:

Whether you are fully insured or self-funded, you need to mitigate the rapidly escalating cost of providing health care benefits for your employees. The goal is to reduce insurance claims by having a healthier workforce.

Outcomes-based wellness programs have the potential to improve your employees’ health by incentivizing them to change their health behaviors, adopt healthier lifestyles, and manage chronic health conditions.

By proactively offering health and wellness services that your employees utilize, both you and your workforce benefit. Employees will be healthier and more productive, while your bottom line is boosted by less sick leave and fewer claims. Call HealthCore today at (405) 551-0624 to find out how we can help you implement and promote an effective outcomes-based workplace wellness program.