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On-site Health Clinics

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In an effort to control the skyrocketing costs of health insurance and health care, there is a new trend among large employers: opening on-site health clinics. According to a 2014 survey by benefits consultant Mercer, nearly 30% of large companies (more than 5,000 employees) offered on-site or near-site primary care clinics, up from 24% in 2013.

Of the companies who offered a health clinic, the majority say it has reduced lost work days and helped members control chronic conditions. The 2015 EMPAQ Insights survey published by the National Business Group on Health backs this up. This survey, which polled 107 large employers in 8 industry sectors, found dramatic attendance gains for companies that offered on-site clinics. Their employees missed an average of less than 5 work days per year, compared to 20 days per year for employees whose company did not offer an on-site health clinic.

Why Open an On-site Health Clinic?

Whether your company is self-insured or fully insured, offering an on-site health clinic is a win-win situation for both you and your employees.

Benefits for Employees

  • Easily accessible primary and preventive care; for many employees who don’t have a primary care provider, an on-site clinic is their only opportunity to receive regular healthcare
  • Convenience of not having to take time off and travel to see a primary care provider
  • Affordable: no cost or low copays
  • Fewer sick days
  • Same-day appointments for urgent or acute care
  • Longer appointment times with provider
  • Improved management of chronic conditions
  • Better long-term health

Benefits for Employers

  • Earlier treatment of illnesses or injuries, better management of chronic conditions, and fewer emergency room visits all lead to improved long-term employee health and lower medical and benefit costs
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick pay
  • Improved productivity
  • High employee satisfaction
  • Can help identify occupational health and safety risks among workforce
  • Helps retain existing employees and recruit new ones
 HealthCore Services - Healthcare Consulting Firm - Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers and Employers

While the scope of services offered at on-site health clinics typically varies by employer, they mainly include primary care, preventive care, and urgent care services. Many also offer chronic disease management and mental health counseling. Ancillary services may include: fitness center, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, X-ray, flu shots, smoking cessation, nutrition counseling, and weight loss programs.

If you are considering opening an on-site clinic at your workplace, call HealthCore Services. We can help you evaluate the feasibility of implementing a clinic, select a provider who can staff and operate your clinic, determine which services to offer, negotiate a contract, and implement and promote the clinic.

If you are looking for someone to staff an existing clinic, we work with highly qualified primary care providers who are ready, willing, and able to provide the ongoing care your employees deserve. We can help you compare providers and negotiate a contract to ensure you get the services you want at a reasonable rate.

Find out if an on-site clinic is right for you. For your complimentary consultation, call HealthCore today at (405) 551-0624.