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Near-site Health Clinics

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While many large employers can afford to operate an on-site health clinic, small- to mid-sized businesses often cannot. This plight has given rise to a new clinic concept.

Near-site clinics are an ideal solution for small- to mid-sized employers who want to control health care costs but can’t afford the expense of an on-site clinic.

Near-site clinics offer the same services and benefits as an on-site clinic. Local employers partner with a nearby primary care practice to receive urgent care, primary care, and preventive health services for their employees at a lower upfront cost than a traditional clinic.

As the name implies, a near-site clinic is not provided at the workplace. Instead, it is conveniently located near you. By offering care that is convenient and easily accessible, both employees and employers reap the benefits: affordable care and better long-term health for employees; reduced absenteeism and lower health care costs for employers.

Near-site clinics may be dedicated to one employer or shared by a group of local area businesses. A shared services model is a smart way to increase employee utilization of health services while sharing the costs with other employers.

If you think you could benefit from a near-site clinic, call the experts at HealthCore Services. We will assess your employee population to determine if a dedicated near-site clinic is right for you or if you would be better off joining an existing shared clinic.

We work with an extensive network of physicians and can find a primary care provider to partner with or an existing clinic to join. We can help you compare your options, decide which services to include, and negotiate a fair and favorable contract.

To learn more about near-site clinics and what would be best for your company and employees, call HealthCore today at (405) 551-0624 for your complimentary consultation.