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Employee Engagement

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The success of an outcomes-based wellness program is dependent on the participation of your employees, and HealthCore Services will help you create an environment that fully engages employees.

We work with self-insured and fully insured employers of all sizes from the private sector to the public sector. According to the 2014 Willis Health and Productivity Survey Report, the factors that are considered the most essential in influencing the success of wellness programs include management support, a strong internal leader championing wellness, employee satisfaction and engagement, and marketing the programs to employees.

Our dedicated representative will support you in implementing a successful wellness program by:

  • Coordinating a wellness committee and improving management support, with incentives for employees to participate and remain engaged on an ongoing basis
  • Providing marketing campaigns that include email, texts, and company intranet announcements about health-related events to help you communicate your goals, incentives, and services
  • Helping to coordinate and run activities such as on-site health fairs to promote your wellness programs

Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screenings

Among the 958 organizations that participated in the 2014 Willis Health and Productivity Survey Report, the most common components of a wellness program were a health risk assessment (HRA) and/or biometric screening. They are typically offered through a health plan or a third-party wellness vendor. An HRA is a subjective self-reporting of medical history, health status, and lifestyle behaviors, whereas biometric screenings objectively evaluate health risks based on blood testing and health screenings.

To encourage employees to participate in an HRA or biometric screening, employers may offer incentives such as increased premium contribution to the medical plan that lowers employee cost, cash or gift cards, raffles for gifts, or contributions to health savings accounts. Incentives may target employees only, or they may include spouses as well.

A premium discount is the most popular incentive to encourage employees to participate in a health risk assessment and biometric screening. For any employee with identified health risks, the employer can then offer support and outreach to help the employee take action to mitigate their health risks.

The professionals at HealthCore will help you determine which incentives will ensure employee commitment to your wellness program while reducing your out-of-pocket healthcare costs. To learn more about how HealthCore can help engage your employees in your wellness program, call us toll free at (405) 551-0624 today.