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 HealthCore Services - Healthcare Consulting Firm - Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers and Employers

The HealthCore Services team is comprised of knowledgeable medical industry consultants, marketers, and partners. Incorporated in 2005, we help employers control healthcare costs by collaborating with healthcare professionals and hospitals in the community.

Our partnership with healthcare providers enables our team to implement worksite wellness programs, on-site/near-site clinics and preventive health solutions in the community.

Our company empowers the healthcare professional and physician to reach the markets HealthCore serves, which includes self-funded and fully insured corporations, governments, and educational institutions. In addition to serving employer clients, we work with third-party administrators (TPA), disease management firms, and insurance companies for distribution and integration of services.

We are a dedicated group passionate about revolutionizing the healthcare industry through cost-saving wellness and preventive care solutions that benefit providers, employers, and, most importantly, patients.

Sandra Dodson 

Founder and CEO of HealthCore Services / HealthCore MD

Sandra has provided technology and software solutions for the healthcare industry for over 24 years, experience that has given her an understanding of what it takes to run a successful practice. As an advocate for the free-market healthcare system, Sandra established HealthCore Services to focus on connecting healthcare providers, ACOs, and healthcare systems to their patient base and to the business community. She also has years of experience working with corporations and governments in the vendor selection and vendor contract process.

Sandra enjoys being active in professional organizations. She serves as a resource committee member for Telehealth Alliance of Oklahoma, which educates and provides technical assistance to healthcare providers as a means of reducing service barriers to the underserved and/or those living in rural Oklahoma. She is also a member of the American Telemedicine Association, National Council of Self Insurers, Oklahoma Human Resource Society, Oklahoma Safety Council, and Oklahoma City County Health Department – Health at Work Coalition.

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