HealthCoreMD Virtual Care

About Us

 HealthCore Services - Healthcare Consulting Firm - Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers and Employers

HealthCore Services is a multi-state health management company founded by healthcare business development specialist and CEO Sandra Dodson. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable medical industry professionals and partners. Since our inception, we have successfully partnered with healthcare providers, TPAs, private sector employers, government offices, and educational institutions as a solution to quality, accessible medical care.

Why Healthcare Providers Choose Us

Healthcare providers choose HealthCore Services because we empower you and your patients to fully engage in the process of care. We are dedicated to helping you grow your practice by expanding your services to occupational medicine, workplace wellness medical services and telemedicine programs for employers and your patients.

Our team is committed to your success while positively impacting the health of our communities across the country.

Why Employers Choose Us

Employers that choose HealthCore Services understand that decreased productivity due to employee illness is costly, and the return on investment from wellness and telemedicine programs is beneficial to the bottom line.

However, it is not just about the lower cost of fewer sick days. Healthier employees that receive benefits from their employers tend to stay at their employers longer and increase productivity because they feel appreciated. Our preventive and chronic care management programs, health screenings, smoking cessation, and customized wellness solutions allow you to reduce insurance claims and sick time while your employees become proactive in their health.

HealthCoreMD, our telemedicine solution for employers and their employees, provides one of the few multilingual English-Spanish speaking doctor-consults and patient portal account access. Insurance is not required, and there are no co-pays or consultation fees. A low-cost subscription fee "per employee / per month" provides unlimited access to the employee and up to seven family dependents. 

We serve employers of all sizes (15 to 10,000) in multiple states. Our Mission is to improve the health and productivity of the workforce, through comprehensive, on-demand health care for the Employee and their dependents, while reducing the high cost of medical care for the Employer.